Tuesday, September 29, 2009


What do you guys think about the United States buying oil from foriegn countries? What are the advantages and disadvantages to it? Can the United States lessen the amount of oil it buys from other countries? How? Can the United States generate enough energy with its own resources to be able to completely stop buying oil from other countries. If so, how long will it take to do that and what will we use for energy?

I know this post has alot of questions in it so lets try to see how many we can get answered!



  1. I haven't done any research this year (cause I'm not debating..) so from a completely naive point a view :P....

    I think the U.S. needs to keep filling up its reserves (which is currently stored in salt domes) and it also needs to continue/start (idk the current status of how it is going) but start or continue drilling in Alaska.

    I think that it needs to substantially reduce the amount of foreign oil it buys, but just enough so that it is not dependent on other countries.. But definitely build up our own reserves as well as trying to produce as much domestically as we can :)

    Just my thoughts..

  2. I think we should offer Saudi Arabia 10$ a gallon for oil...if they don't like our offer, fine. About a week of THEIR oil filling up THIER storehouses will entice them to sell it to us for 10$.

    Anyway, the USA purchased Alaska for oil drilling...but their not really using it for that. I think they should be drilling on their own land.

  3. So can someone please explain to me why energy dependence is worse than energy independence? Aiming for energy indepenence will only make us isolationist and protectionist which is not good. Feel free to dissagree.