Monday, August 24, 2009

Is pollution really a problem?

As I stated in the first post this blog is designed to ask questions then have the followers and viewers answer. The first question on this blog is... Is pollution really a problem? If so, what are some ways pollution is made and what are some different types of pollution and their effects in the environment?
P.S. This is designed to have mini debates on small topics inside the resolution. Feel free to post evidence to back up your thoughts and ideas.

Let the round begin,

Samuel, Editor of GEARS


  1. awesome blog Sam. I don't have an answer right now, I just wanted to tell you I thought you had a cool blog :D

  2. I haven't researched pollution (or anything for that matter) this year!! :)
    Good luck with the blog tho!

  3. Yes, I believe pollution is a major problem. I think that it could be drastically lessened if all the oil companies did not own all the electric car patens. I believe much pollution is from gas cars.

    It is to bad that whenever someone comes out with something good for the environment they are either bought out or silenced!

    Does anyone have anything else to add?

    Also, good work on the blog Sam. Please, oh pretty please - have a debate on Mac/PC!

  4. I believe pollution will always be somewhat of a problem as long as civilization survives. It always has throughout history. But that said pollution is MUCH less of a problem than it was 30 years ago. The environment(The US in particular) has seen drastic improvements in pollution counts due to new technology and various legislation(including the Clean Air Act).

    Alex Macdonald

  5. It depends what you define as "pollution".
    If something like CO2 emissions falls under the definition, then no, I don't believe that part of pollution is a problem, considering it does not harm the environment, and most of the test saying so have either made the figures turned out the way they wanted them to, and/or says that in the FUTURE, stuff MIGHT happen.

    On the other hand if we're talking about sewage dumping i the ocean, then yes I believe it is a problem, and threatens things such as biodiversity.

  6. I think some pollution is a problem. Obviously cow flatulence (yes people have called it pollution) is grossly exaggerated, but dumping chemicals in a stream is. So, pollution can be a problem but not all pollution is a problem. Depending on what kind of pollution we are talking about, it can be a very big problem.
    Marshall Yaklin,
    Head Author/Editor of GEARS

  7. Alex,

    Can you tell me HOW pollution was a problem 3000 years ago.


  8. @Jordan

    Dumping human waste into streams that were used for drinking water was one thing. Massive Garbage mounds another. Ancient China as well as other places, had big deforestation problemms(though that isn't pollution so much).Ancient Greece had large land degredation problems.London had smog in the middle ages.

    I'm not trying to say that they had it as bad back then, just that as long as there is civilization there will be pollution. More civilization just = more pollution, which is what we have now.

  9. God commands us to take care of the earth, He granted us dominion over it. We are to care for it, until His return, when He will reign perfectly.


    No. it is not.


    While God told us to have dominion over the earth, He did not give us the power to "restore" or "destroy" it either. God has the WHOLE WORLD in His hands.

    The reason i answer the question with a "no" is becuase pollution (as defined by the government) is one huge gigantic scam to seize rights and freedoms from the United States. Global Warming is false, it's not happening, practically ANY un-biased (aka, non-government funded) source will tell you so.

    Dumping chemicals in a stream... meh... show me the results of ANY one incident harming PEOPLE, and I will be surprised, and concede this part of my argument... but, (for the most part) this is once again a scam so that the government can create MORE agencies to spend out money on, so we can save a couple fishies. ;)

    In my humble opinion,

    Ben Chambers (not publishing any sourcebooks, so, no really amazing credentials except that... I DEBATE TOOO!) ;)