Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Which is more environment friendly: Mac or PC? (Just for Kicks)

Come on guys, lets get this post alot of coments, (funny or serious). Let the fun debate start!

P.S. Please for fun, try to back up your statements with evidence.


  1. I think Macs are a TON better!!! No evidence needed to back up that statement! :) jk...

    Even though there is SOOO much more, I will refrain to only 11 reasons... :D

    11 reasons Macs are best:

    1.The Mac is ready to use out of the box
    2.The Mac has no widespread viruses
    3.The Mac OS is much more intuitive to use than Windows
    4.The Mac comes bundled with much more software
    5.The Mac is easier to install and operate
    6.The Mac has much better customer support
    7. Macs are cheaper than PCs
    8.The Mac can run Windows if you really need it
    9.The Mac supports the same software that you are used to
    10. Mac OS X can survive for weeks without the need of rebooting
    11. Apple gives the customer the best support – survey said

    Closing: One reason why PCs are better than Mac
    And to keep my judgement within the objective side, I’d like to close with the only reason I could find why PCs are better than Mac: wider options.
    Only one company makes Macs while who knows how many are producing PCs (the hardware). So I think it would be logical that people could find (or build) PCs (the hardware) in any configuration and budget imaginable. That side of the PC world could not be competed by Mac.
    At the end, the users will choose whatever product to use based on whatever reasons they have. Not everybody can or want to be a Mac user. So, if you want a good personal computer with an affordable buying price you can buy a PC and install Linux on it.
    I tried to keep my list from growing way too long, so I’d stop here. Feel free to add more in the comment below.


  2. I found 13 more reasons :)

    1. Reliable sleep mode
    2. Extremely fast boot times
    3. Apple uses good quality parts.
    4. Less blinking lights.
    5. OS X + Windows is better than just Windows.
    6. Easier to troubleshoot Macs.
    7. A culture of good quality community software.
    8. More useful apps out of the box.
    9. Neat and contained system settings.
    10. Tons of small reasons make Mac OS X better.
    11. Still no need for additional security software.
    12. Power of the Linux command line with Photoshop CS4.
    13. File sharing is much easier.


  3. Environmentally friendly? I would suppose that Macs are more environmentally friendly because they survive longer than pcs, so more pcs are at the dump!!!(HA-HA-HA).

  4. Sarah, here are some more reasons:

    1. Macs are more user friendly than PCs.
    2. When I tried to reinstall XP on my PC then I practically had a HEART ATTACK!!!
    3. It is a TON faster.
    4. Macs are smaller.
    5. Macs are more reliable.
    6. Macs are COOLER!!!
    7. PC stands for "Portable Clunker!"
    8. MAC stands for "Machines with Advanced Communication"!
    9. Macs don't have viruses.
    10. Bill Gates gave $30 billion ($30,000,000,000) to population control.
    11. Macs are better at 3D animation.
    12. Macs look better!(a TON better)
    13. (should I keep going?)

  5. PCs are MUCH better than MACs.

    1) PCs have been around longer than MACs
    2) All MACs are made with PC PLCs
    3) PCs are a LOOOOOOOOOT cheeper
    4) PCs are more compatible with other software
    5) ANybody can make them.

    I know i did not give as many reasons as others did, but, DEBATE ME!!! I stand with PC(Portable Computers) not MACS(Messy Antics of Clunkers!).

  6. Macs are more environmentally friendly:

    The Environmental Protection Agency has ranked Apple notebooks as the most environmentally-friendly portable computers in its EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool), according to a recent New York Times article. Computers ranked in the list must meet 23 mandatory criteria, and can optionally meet up to 28 additional criteria for to receive one of a bronze, silver, or gold medal. While no PC manufacturers scored a gold medal, Apple's MacBook Pro led the way for portables with all models meeting 17 optional criteria and receiving silver medals, according to Ars Technica. The company's Mac Pro met 16 optional criteria above the required 23, and its 20-, 23-, and 30-inch Cinema Displays met 15 optional criteria above the minimum required. The Greenpeace organization in late October of 2006 protested Apple's manufacturing processes at the Apple Expo in London, but was shown the door after Expo organizers reportedly received several complaints from unnamed sources. (

    How exactly?
    1. MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air have highly recyclable aluminum and glass enclosures, mercury-free displays and arsenic-free display glass. Printed circuit boards, electrical components, mechanical parts, and internal cables are BFR-free and PVC-free.

    2. The MacBook family is designed to be energy efficient. For example, a 13-inch MacBook consumes only 14W in idle with the display on, less than a quarter of the consumption of a typical household 60W lightbulb, and far exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements.

    3. Energy-efficient LED display technology now ships with MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the LED Cinema Display. The MacBook LED backlit display uses 30% less power compared to conventional CCFL-backlit displays.

    4. Between the first-generation and current-generation iMac, sleep-mode energy usage has decreased 93% thanks to improvements in CPU power management and increased hardware efficiency.

    5. The packaging for the fourth-generation iPod nano is 32% lighter and uses 54% less volume than the packaging for the first-generation iPod nano.

    6. Apple products are compliant with the European Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment, also known as the RoHS directive. Examples of materials restricted by RoHS include lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and PBB and PBDE flame retardants. As a result of our proactive approach to hazardous substances, Apple met many of the RoHS requirements long before the July 2006 deadline.


  7. @blogMan

    Where are your sources? For all we know, my argument that Macs are cheaper STILL stands cuz I have sources!! :)


    Technically, all computers all hot, in the sense that if you keep them on your lap long enough... wow, I do not envy the burn you will feel! :P But yes, I do agree ENTIRELY... MACS are AWESOME!!!

  8. What are the eight financial reasons that Macs are better?

    #1 - Better Value Proposition
    The Mac is simply a better value because it does more. Not only does it run Windows and Windows applications as well as any Windows PC, it also runs Mac OS X, Linux and a few other flavors.

    #2 - Lower Support Costs
    Mac OS X is easier to navigate, easier to use, crashes less often, is less prone to malware.

    All that and more help to reduce the number of calls to the IT support desk.

    #3 - More Productivity
    A happy work force is a productive and efficient work force.

    Workers using Macs tend to get more done, have less computer-related frustrations, which translates into efficiency. You could probably throw in better health, too. Windows workers are sick more often (anecdotal on my part, but who could blame them).

    #4 - Macs Last Longer
    This does not come as a surprise to Mac users in business who do not benefit from upgrades as often as their Windows PC counterparts.

    Even G3 Macs from seven years ago run Mac OS X Tiger. Try that on a seven-year-old PC running Windows Vista.

    #5 - Mac OS X Is More Secure
    Despite an occasional headline to the contrary, there are no know viruses or malware in the wild for Macs. None. Zero.

    Such exploits of Windows cause users problems, which causes more frustration, which causes increased cost. We’re not talking vulnerabilities, as all OSs have their share. We’re talking real world.

    #6 - Easy Administration
    Both Mac and Windows have plenty of tools for corporate IT staffers to administer the machine remotely. For Mac users there is less need.

    #7 - License Costs
    Mac vs. Windows? It’s not a contest. OS X Server is less expensive than Windows Server, and upgrades to Mac OS X’s latest version are always less expensive than Windows.

    One could argue that Mac OS X is upgraded more often than Windows. Duh. But Mac users upgrade willingly.

    #8 - Mac - Windows Mixture Reduces Costs
    Many corporate IT departments have recognized the other financial benefits and have begun bringing in more Macs, rather than a wholesale swap of PCs.

    Even that effort reduces costs for IT departments. So how is this really news to long-time, die-hard Mac users who’ve suffered through a decade or so of Windows domination? It’s not.

  9. HAHAHA, Sarah,

    When I said cooler I did not mean warm, cold, hot....I meant cooler, neater, better....

  10. PCs are far more flexible. It's much easier to set up software on a PC then Mac.

  11. Daniel Rivera (ie: GlobeReacher)

    With my experience, PCs are a headache, no a heartache to set up much software on...I'm only speaking from experience.

  12. I agree with you GlobeReacher, Pcs are much more flexible.

  13. Macs are better. GO GREEN!

  14. @ GlobeReacher:

    PCs are not easier to set software up on. It has to be integrated into the Windows registry, which usually requires a reboot. With Mac, simply drag the app into your Applications folder, and when you want to uninstall, just throw it away. On Windows you have to take it out of the registry, and then reboot.

  15. @Sarah

    It's true. I've had my Macs running for almost a month with no restarts,
    and usually the only reason I do restart is because I need to swap out a hard drive or I'm leaving on a trip.
    I have a friend who has to restart his PC 3-4 times a day.
    I also have a friend who had his MacPro running for 116 days without a restart.

  16. Try running Ubuntu-Linux on a PC. You get all the advantages of Mac on low cost PC hardware. I can recommend Ubuntu based on several months of usage. All the software I've seen for Linux is shareware/freeware, including an Office Suite, graphics tools, and web development software. Linux software companies sell support to corporate users. When I first tried Ubuntu out I downloaded a copy to a thumb-drive. I could boot from either Ubuntu or Windows XP. Once I was sure I liked it I chucked XP and never looked back.